Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PostHeaderIcon The Stand Video Trailer Released

By Chris Larsen

Deer season is in full swing with many hunters pursuing pre-rut or even early rut bucks.  Hunting has become a gear intense sport and I have taken carrying gear into the woods to a whole new level.  My hunting partner and I now carry three cameras when hunting.  It’s all part of a new ForemostHunting.com film project called The Stand.  Jason Oswald is my hunting partner and we’re both dedicated to not only being successful in the deer woods, but capturing successful hunts on video. 

The show is reality based.  It’s not just a hunting show.  The Stand is a show about what goes into filming hunts and how we balance work and family commitments with our passion for hunting.  We don’t stage shots.  We won’t do interviews in a studio months after the hunt.  The Stand is real and as it is happening.  Episodes are released within a month from when they were filmed.  Jason and I have been planning this project since the end of last season.  We’re very excited to share how we hunt with you.  It may not be what you’re used to seeing on TV.  But it’s not supposed to be.  The Stand showcases how we hunt through an unfiltered lens.  To see the trailer, press play above.  

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