Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PostHeaderIcon An Uncle John Christmas Card

You might not have known it, and few care, but Christmas Day is my birthday. So for obvious reasons I try to do something special each year to commemorate another yearly escape from the gallows. First of all the best Christmas present I get every year is the fact that more and more outdoorsmen are enjoying the articles of “Uncle John’s Outdoors.” Foremost Hunting.com is the first place where I can actually show all the photos, and more or less tell the stories just like they happen. There is no waiting for an article for the reader, the news happens and then gets printed within hours sometimes. You get to see everything and interact at Foremost Hunting

For 2009 we have had many accomplishments for the first year. Foremost Hunting established itself as one of the national supporters for crossbow hunting, subsequently becoming a leader in the Crossbow World of media coverage, setting a fine example for all archery hunting. With the legalization of the crossbow in many states, a major milestone was the article that insisted that Louisiana legalize the crossbow for turkey hunting. When this was accomplished it showed the power of the outdoor media for a righteous cause.

Foremost Hunting.com sponsored and covered the first State Crossbow 3-D Tournament ever held by the American Crossbow Federation which was held at Fort Polk Louisiana. Foremost Hunting Covered the 2009 Top Gun Challenge (World Squirrel Rifle Championship) as well as the largest Turkey Shoots held in the State of Louisiana. Foremost Hunting gave us insight into The world of handicapped hunting and squared us away in safety matters, while giving us a technical outlook on new equipment with first hand information.

We have learned about key leaders in the hunting community while getting a good look at the next generation of kids that we all like the brag on, well Foremost Hunting is the place to do it. Hey we even have our own Jr. Pro Staff, boys and girls that write their own articles and test their own equipment, all you have to do is browse a little of Foremost Hunting.com and see for yourself. If you have ever wanted to know where all the good outdoor writers are, well we are making new ones right here at Foremost Hunting.

2009 brought a lot of change in our lives, for me personally I lost three good friends all within a 3 week period. Donny Racing an old friend and fishing buddy who would find me stuck in the woods and haul me out no matter what the conditions. He came from a family of hunters and race car drivers that is famous in Western Louisiana. Jim Fetterkile, was the manager and promoter of MWR at Ft Polk Louisiana. He was instrumental in seeing through all the shooting activities and spearheaded the improvements which established the Fort Polk Shooting Complex.

Louis Ellison was my own personal mentor since I was 18 years old. He taught me the martial arts and I went on to become a world champion and grand master instructor. He taught me advanced shooting skills that brought about the Top Gun Challenge rifle match and just about everything else I know about hunting and fishing making him the true Old Man in the saga of “Pass it on.”

My own students are coming along nicely. Kade Jones who is now Kade Parker graduated with honors this year and has decided to become a Louisiana State Policeman. Maurice Masterson “flyswatter junior” the last student of Lou Ellison, is probably the youngest practicing gun smith anywhere. He is gearing up for the Marine Corps and says he will be the best Scout Sniper in the world. All I can say to that is, he has all the right stuff.

Kaleb Dickerson is the newest of the sharpshooter clan of Top Team Gun, looks like this one wants to go to West Point and be an Army Officer just like Dad, Capt Harvey Dickerson. Do you see the trend here?

One of my finest finished products is April Morris, who made a Black Belt with me several years ago. She went on under adverse conditions in the cosmetic world to invent a lip gloss that aids women’s weight loss. I think she is a millionaire now, ladies check out Express Effects Cosmetics.

Promoting the concept of excellence in any endeavor is the key to raising a young person, correct me if I’m wrong, but a few bull’s-eyes and karate chops seem to be a good starting point. Then they take the self discipline and go their own way.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Bobby Hill and his turkey shooting family, Hendricks and Russo and the American Crossbow Federation, 4 Winds Tribe Cherokee Confederation, Chief Jackie Womack, Mona Hayden for Louisiana Road Trips Magazine, The Mobius Company with Lt General Mohamed Al Samara. Jim Callaway and Dave Miller and all the Range Staff at Fort Polk Shooting Complex, The EMT Hunting Cub members, Star Gun and Archery of Leesville, Days Inn staff at Leesville, and to the Foremost Media group that makes all the good hunting information possible.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...and Pass it on


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