Thursday, October 28, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Wisconsin Outdoor Report for October 28, 2010

What is being described as an inland hurricane swept over much of the Upper Midwest this week. We are still feeling the effects as the storm continues eastward. The lowest barometric pressure ever recorded was measured during the storm. The winds were in excess of 60 miles per hour over most of the plains states with winds of around 100 miles per hour recorded on the shores of Lake Superior. Duluth received seven inches of snow.

The storm is in sharp contrast of conditions this autumn. Conditions have been quite dry and have allowed farmers to get their crops off the fields far earlier than last year. This should congregate deer and many other game species into more huntable cover. Biologists say there was significant turkey mortality from moldy corn in the fields last year as well. We shouldn’t have that problem this winter. Here’s more from Foremost Outdoor TV ProStaffers.

Tyler Hinner is seeing buck activity spike in Northwestern and Central Wisconsin. Younger bucks are sparring and mature bucks can be seen moving later in the evening. Scrapes and rubs are becoming more common as deer begin shifting from pre-rut into rutting activity. Tyler is also seeing a lot of pheasants on public land. The Wisconsin DNR is releasing more birds this year compared to last and they are common in areas in which the releases are occurring. While some stocking is done in St. Croix County, this western county is home to Wisconsin’s biggest population of wild birds.

In Southwest Wisconsin, Cole Daniels is reporting a big jump in rubs and scrapes. According to Daniels, the corn harvest should also boost hunter success. “Last year we had standing corn throughout the winter. This fall 90% of the corn in the area has been picked.” Deer are now more concentrated in the small woodlots of Southern Wisconsin counties. Daniels also recommends hunting over upland type cover, CRP, and even wetland cover to find mature bucks. “Veteran deer know hunters focus on woodlots, so they go to spots most hunters overlook.” Goose hunting has also been very good along the Wisconsin River and the big weather front that just passed should bring some fresh migratory birds through the state. Again, the corn harvest is opening up more and more opportunities for goose hunters.

Foremost Outdoor TV Fishing ProStaffer Dan Quinn says bass are really piling up along rock bars, stumps, and docks. Dan and his father, Steve, had one of their best outings of the year last week, boating over 20 fish in less than an hour. The storm has kept Dan off the water for much of the week and he expects fall turnover to begin on many lakes due to the winds and lower temperatures. River walleye fishing has also been good. You’ll find most fish on or near the bottom along current breaks like points and rock dams.

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