Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Inspirational Turkey Pattern

Just got this photo from Foremosthunting.com's Justin Davis. Justin fired a few shots through his Mossberg 535 this afternoon. A new addition to Justin's gun this year is an Indian Creek Black Diamond Turkey Tube. He shot this target at 40 yards with No. 6 Hevi-Shot. I would be willing to predict this turkey would be pancaked. If this doesn't get you excited for turkey season, I'm not sure what will.

For more information on Turkey hunting and turkey guns, check out our guns and ammunition page at Foremosthunting.com. Justin is working on an article detailing the best way to pattern your shotgun for this season. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook profiles for this upcoming article.


Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen said...

love it...

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