Thursday, April 14, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Wisconsin Gobbler Bites The Dust With Guide Phil Schweik

Just in from Wisconsin Hunting Guide Phil Schweik:
This morning I had Eric Tufto out for a 1st season spring turkey hunt. We set up along a field edge and hoped that the birds would fly our way when they came off the roost. As we were sitting there waiting we started hearing some hens clucking and then a tom blew up and then another and then another. We were almost right under them! 
We patiently waited for them to fly down which seemed to take for ever. Once the birds started flying down we thought we were going to be all done but.... The birds had other ideas they headed back further into the woods and towards another field. No birds for us. We waited for about an hour to see if any other birds would come our way but none did so we decided to put the sneak on the birds that left us.
We headed across a field and into the woods that we figured the birds went through. We crossed through the woods and approached the field on the opposite side. There they were about 70 of them all scattered about in the field. We made a silent stalk up to the edge of the field located a nice tom and Eric did the rest. Boom.... Big Tom Down!!! 
It was 21 pounds with a nice double beard that was pushing the 10 inch mark.
I hope you enjoy the photos.
Take care,
Congrats to Eric and Phil on a great turkey hunt!


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