Thursday, May 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Antlers Emerging From Wisconsin Bucks

It's like Christmas morning for trail camera aficionados in Wisconsin. This photo captured a few days ago by’s Justin Davis shows three bucks with new antler growth emerging. It’s impossible to tell the potential of these deer at this point but in the next few months, we’ll get much more information from our photos.

By early June, Wisconsin deer will show about half of their main beams as well as visible G2s. From June through the end of August we’ll see their fastest antler growth spurt. If it is legal to place mineral blocks in your area, early summer is the time to do it if you would like to see immediate results. In August, antlers begin hardening and by early autumn velvet will begin peeling off as bucks prepare for breeding season. If you’re trail cameras are not out, now is the time to start placing them. Keep in mind, travel routes will change before hunting season begins. This coincides with bachelor groups breaking up in September. But summertime is a great opportunity to get an idea of the bucks in your area.


Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen said...

Looks like you're going to have a great fall my friend. Those deer look like the are in great health. nicely done!

Pastor Kerry

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