Thursday, May 19, 2011

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It’s hard to believe but turkey season here in Wisconsin is just a few days from coming to a close. We’re less than 120 days from opening day of archery deer season. Our turkey season was certainly less than what we would have liked. We put a few birds on the ground but we ate more tags than in years past. I’m sure when the final statistics are released, we’ll realize we were not alone. All of the harvest reports I’ve seen so far this spring indicate a decrease in harvest. A combination of winter kill and rough conditions during spring are the leading causes.

Speaking of winter kill, it’s been an interesting spring on our hunting property in Southwest Wisconsin. My dad found this buck back in March. The nine pointer had a 18” spread. We have no idea what killed this big guy. His carcass was found in thick brush on the edge of a meadow. There is also a major trail 10 yards from where he was found. I can imagine him running that trail and collapsing in the brush due to some unknown ailment. His body was no doubt ravaged by coyotes. The bones are strewn about and will no doubt be completely reclaimed by the land in the coming months.

There are several areas within the property we have never walked in, but this was the first carcass we have ever found on the property. There may be deer carcasses in our refuge areas. But fortunately, this guy was the first dead buck discovered in a few years of hunting the property.

During a late April turkey hunt, I found another buck. It’s amazing how they disappear. I walked within 25 yards of this animal a half dozen times before spotting him. This one is probably a year younger than my dad’s discovery. The interesting thing about these two bucks is they were found within 75 yards of each other. That tells me bucks feel comfortable in the area. I haven’t hunted this spot before, but I think it has to warrant a stand site this fall.


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